Difference Between Web Designing and Web Development

The term web design and web development looks same but literally they are totally different while developing a website. Web designer on the one hand works on the front end of a website that a user sees on his computer, mobile, tablet or laptop screen where as web developer work on back-end and decides how the web site works and how all things are to be done. In other simple words the later one decides the whole functionality of a page by applying languages like PHP, Python, MySQL etc.

The Definition of Web Design

Web Design includes the graphical elements of a page. The designer does not need to be an expert in HTML or CSS. The designer just need that much enough knowledge which is sufficient to form a basis of a web page. The design can be developed using a graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop, Gimp etc.

Required skills in a web professional some times depends on the size and work culture of a company. Particularly in smaller organizations, a person needs to have a skill of programming and designing a full website alone. Otherwise if the organization is big the designer is only responsible for visual aspects, programming implementations or promotion specifically.

The finished product of the design does not typically contains code. Rather, the graphical representation of the web page is used by another or the same party as the basis for the code. A web design is divided into two parts- one that contains the simple code and other area consisting of only graphics part.

The Definition of Web Development

Web development is the art of making websites that do things. They take a design of a web page and make it functioning. The programming languages used in development are PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Python etc, to bring life to the design. Web Development is still categorize into client side coding including layout and design and server side coding having functionalities and back-end systems. Virtually anything you can imagine on the web can be created by a true professional developer. With a good web development, website is able to make place in the eye of a user that is a good sign for the purpose of business and online reputation becomes good.

Fundamentally, development process help you build your website by experimenting with the complex codes known as the back-end and primarily concerned with the overall working performance of a website to make working with greatest efficiency and stability. Moreover, many web-developers oversee and direct the construction of a website from its birth – again, it is up to them to build the backbone of the website, and ensure it functions properly.

Although development is not actually a visible activity that a visitor is able to see, it is totally back-end activity. It can be feel by doing practical things like a web developer reduces the loading time of a website, submitting the form and all details are recorded in the database without showing the data to user

Typically, a development will be responsible for developing and coding server side applications, databases, complex e-commerce transactions , a web-development must make certain that these are done in an accessible and sensible fashion, while being efficiently coded and highly compatible.

Web design and development are closely related term but actually not, designer’s have a basic development knowledge and developers can improve their skills by getting basic design concepts. But finally both terms may have some complement factors, but development needs a core coding knowledge while designing needs knowledge up to the mark that is enough for building website interface.

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